Why This Solution? 

Our technology and processes can eliminate the shortcomings of a traditional spreadsheet-based accounting system. We’ve chosen to present the Seamless Solution™ to the marketplace because the leadership behind the creation of this platform is guided by one principle: to offer the best, most technologically advanced administrative tool in the fund industry.

Does it Work? 

Yes. Seamless™ has already been implemented in over 50 fund infrastructures in various capacities. Clients are already witnessing the results of a tool engineered and developed by the brightest minds in back and middle offices.


General Ledger

General Ledger 

Perhaps no other IASG-FS product demonstrates the versatility of our selected platform. Our transaction-based Portfolio Reports are source documents that serve as a full transaction ledger for internal accounting teams. But they’re more than that. These reports provide analytics to the increasingly visible middle office.

Our General Ledger (GL) Based Fund Accounting product prepares the accounting of managed funds and investor allocation. The GL is a system of fully automated journal entries that are immediately traceable to transaction entry points. Through the Analytics and Data process, the Seamless™ platform offers customer reporting choices to clients who running on a variety of software programs.


Cloud Technology / Documentation Storage 

Why deploy significant upfront capital for server space and back-end hosting? The Seamless™ solution is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available to clients through a web browser.


The demands for end-user data protection are high. The Seamless™ solution uses firewalls and restricts service access by requiring users to authenticate with related data encryption. Internet Protocol blacklists improve intrusion protection and install anti-virus and anti-malware software while segregating networks.

For disaster recovery our partner runs backup sites in parallel and can scale to address capacity limitations.

Security Compliance

The operation of Sudrania LLC is SOC 1 Certified and Seamless™ is audited for SOC 2 certification.